You know you want and need portraits of your family but what are you going to do with them once they are taken? I believe in starting with the end in mind and all that means is before I pick up a camera, I want to put together a plan for where and how these photographs will live in your home. I want to determine if the story we want to tell should be in your family album or on the walls. Do you have a large empty wall or a tall narrow spot in a hallway? I can create a beautiful image to hang there. Have you thought of starting a family gallery putting together older images already in the home with the new portraits you are commissioning? I can make that happen! Are you moving soon into a new home with no wall space? Maybe your wall space is currently all filled up? Either way, telling your family story in a beautiful, luxurious, custom designed album or having your favorite images in a beautiful image box with images you can display on easels to view on a coffee table or sofa back lets you capture and preserve this stage of your children’s and your family’s life. You have a need, I have a solution designed to fill your need and preserve your story.


A consultation with me begins the CWP process. I want to know all the little details about you, your family and your kids. What are your family personalities like? What do your kids love to do? Who is mischievous? Who is the thinker? As a Grandmother, I also want to know-can they have sweets? (I love spoiling kids!) Getting to know and understand your family dynamics allows me to capture your true personalities and their relationships with one another and with you; as they really are. These are some of those details you never want to forget. All your questions will be answered, like: How much will this cost? What types of clothes should we wear? Where should I put these in my house? What type of products do you have? What about the digital files? Can we bring our fur baby? You have questions, I have answers and I look forward to talking to you about them.


On the day of your session, I want you to just relax. Get dressed and make it to where we will meet and after that, I will take over. My job is to take the most beautiful photograph of you and your family; to capture the relationships between siblings and parents and between mom and dad. To ensure that you have fun and that your whole family has this experience to remember. After all, someday in the future, they are going to say, “hey, remember when we had these photographs taken?”. You know that a conversation will take over after that question, and that is one of the reasons you are having photographs taken. Warning: I bring treats to every session I hold. There may be goodies that even you can’t turn down.


Approximately two weeks after your photo session, you will come into my studio to view the images captured during our session. At this Reveal appointment, you will view a slideshow of the time we spent together at your session. After the slideshow, we will compare and contrast the images so you are best able to determine which images you would like to order. This is when you will finalize your portrait order, so please make sure all parties in charge of ordering and making financial decisions attend this appointment. We will discuss what sizes to order, I can even mock up what some would look like,  using the photographs of your home taken at the consultation, I will have put together portraits scaled to the size of your walls, so you can see what size is appropriate and fits. This way too, you avoid what is too small or too large for an area. This is a wonderful celebration of you and your loved ones, and I will guide you every step of the way in your order process, so you will take home artwork of your life that will tell your story into your future generations.


Depending on what you ordered, you can expect the products to be ready in approximately three to four weeks after your order has been placed, and of course, your portraits will be delivered to you. It’s like Christmas all over again! You will open and inspect every item and relive the wonderful day your family made this wonderful memory of having their photographs taken...an experience none of you will all never forget!


This isn't the end! The families I photograph usually return year after year, which is wonderful for me to be a part of your children growing up and watching you change and adapt with every new stage and every year. By being your family photographer, I know your kids and your family dynamics. It's like we get to catch up as family or old friends whenever we reconnect.

I know how important capturing all these precious stages and moments really are. I want to create beautiful artwork and galleries throughout your home so that when you walk room to room, you will see your children, your spouse, your parents and siblings and friends, all beautifully laid out.... You will walk through the imagery of your life and never forget, every lost tooth, chubby cheek, or how beautiful you looked at every stage of life. My plan is to design portraits and collections that are designed to look good now and in the future, so they can be moved around your home as your family grows, changes and your art collection grows with them. At every stage, we will plan for now and for the future. If there is anything that I have learned is that our children really do grow up and leave home; even our grandchildren do this...but they can all remain with you on your walls, so your story is always told.

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