Some Portraits decorate a home.

Other Portraits define it.

Let's Create Portraits That Tell The Story of Your Life

And The People You Love

"From my heart to yours" isn't just something I say, it's something I really mean. The times we are together are times I cherish. Thank you for trusting me with your family,  and yourself. -Cindie

Here is what clients are saying-

"Cindie, You have given the most memorable gift of all... your friendship and talent. These pictures are extraordinary because of you. Every time I look at the pictures you've taken of me, I am overcome with emotions..."

Forever grateful, - Claudia

"Cindie, I can't tell you how many times I've looked at this picture and how deeply it moves me. I had no idea in that moment how much it would mean later on and how integral it has turned out to be as now my entire career is to help people get to this exact moment - swearing in for the bar. On multiple levels this image has blessed my life. And you were there to capture it. If there was ever an example of the importance of having a talented photographer like you capture our life's moments because you can never know how treasured they will one day be, it's this. Thank you, not just for this precious photo, but even more so for being the friend and support by my side. Your work is powerful, even though you won't ever know how much." --Jessica Klein, Fck The Bar

"Your pictures are fantastic and treasured by our family... We absolutely cherish the photos you took.  They adorn a very prominent wall in our home. That may have been the best gift I've ever given my wife and I'm very grateful that you are not only kind but skilled at your art."

- Stephen Ferrara,  MD, FSIR

Thank you Cindie for having taken these pictures of my daughter & I. It was such an euphoric and beautiful experience you gave me to share with my firstborn and only daughter. You made me feel extra special and not frumpy and embarrassed of myself for getting to the overweight stage that I am. I had been avoiding being in pictures for years! For those hours I felt pretty and so much love!

-Nicole D

"Cindie, It is your talent and heart bring out the beauty of the subject being photographed".


"Seriously, these pics are awesome. I mean it. Thank you. 

-Chris Van Stelle

"Cindie Wolf has an amazing ability to capture the essence of the soul of those she photographs, which is why I chose her to do my portrait. And I wasn't disappointed- the images were beautifully done and carried the transparency of expression that I've come to appreciate from viewing her work. I'm an introvert, and she took the time to draw me out, to get me to trust her with the camera through kindness and humor. The photo shoot was a delightful experience all around, and the photos I see as a legacy. So worthwhile all around!"

-Ann O

"Cindie has an outstanding eye for capturing a moment in time that you’ll always treasure. Her personality encourages you to enjoy your session without the stress. I will not go to anyone else now for any family or personal photography. Should you have any questions/concerns please ask her for my number or ask to see some of her photographs of my wife and myself. "

-Mike Graham

"Cindie, I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful pictures. You really have a great eye for photography. The kids and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and the pictures you took are AMAZING. I can't wait for our next session."

- Rebecca

"Cindie-I can't even explain how amazing these photographs are! My heart hurts they are so beautiful! Thank you so much! I keep getting so many compliments on the photos. I can't wait to do another photo shoot with you! God bless gorgeous woman you. Xoxoxo!"

-Tina S

"Cindie! Oh my gosh, I LOVE the pictures!!!  I cried when I saw some of the pictures. You were able to capture my baby's beautiful personality and smile! Usually, whenever a camera comes out, the smile disappears. With you, she was very comfortable. Some people have it and some don't, you definitely have IT! You are very talented!

I am not fond of having my picture taken, but you made it a very relaxing experience. We had a great time with you!  Thank you again for your talent! You have given us a beautiful gift. Love,


Children grow and memories fade;  How will you remember?

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