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Hi! I'm Cindie,  and I'm a Portrait Artist-

I believe that a fine-art portrait can change the way you see and feel about yourself. 

I believe that Portraits should hang on the walls of your home, as the most important art, and decorating item you will ever collect.

Art, that just happens to be of those you love most in the world.

Art that reminds you of what's important in life, grounds you when times are hard and always,  shows you and your family members how much you and they are loved.

    The art we create together is something you and your family will treasure as heirlooms that will stand the test of time and, one day, be passed down through the generations of their family. 

I create beautiful, distinctive, custom photographic art and an experience you will enjoy alone or together;

it will be a day that will always be remembered.

And other stuff about me.. 

Continuing Education: I attend my industry annual conferences along with educational courses and professional mentoring throughout the year.  

Member - Professional Photographers of America

Member - Professional Photographers of California

Member -  Professional Photographers of San Diego County

UCSD -  Certificated Professional Photography

2019 Update: Cindie has declared her candidacy for the prestigious Certified Professional Photographer through the Professional Photographers of America. She passed the proctored written exam with flying colors and is now working on the print submission to go before national certified judges. 

Cindie believes strongly in education and pushing herself to be the best artist she can be. She surrounds herself with like-minded artists and has attended workshops  and conferences studying  under some of the industries most talented artists and teachers including: 

Sue Bryce, Michele Celentano, Roberto Valenzuela, Brooke Shaden, Sandra Pearce, Hanson Fong, Megan Dipiero, Kristi Sutton Elias, Kelly Brown, Scott Kelby, Luke Edmonson, Carl Caylor, Sandra Pearce, Judy Host, Lori Nordstrom, Julia Kelleher,   Theresa Jackson,  Sarah Meghan Lee,  Philip Scholz Rittermann,  Oreste Prada, Ian  Cummings,  and  Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler to name some of the best.   


2019  Best In Class-Children, Best In Class-Landscape

2019 12 Merit Awards Professional Photographers of San Diego County

2017-2018 Portrait Photographer of the Year, Professional Photographers of San Diego County

2018 Multiple Merits Professional Photographers of San Diego County Photographer

2017 Multiple Merits & Best In Class Portraits, Professional Photographers of San Diego County

2015 Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Parents Choice Award


Focus Magazine, Beauty & Lifestyle Magazine,  Young Fashion Kids Magazine, 

By the way: The image of me (top left) was taken after a session with the amazing Jerolyn Rox-hair & makeup artist extraordinaire! Oh-and that's my dog, Debo :)   #mydogismysoulmate

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