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When was the last time you updated your professional portrait? If you are like most busy working people, it might have been last week while you sat in your car, held up your hand and with seat belt still on, took your own selfie. The problem with that is everyone knows where you are and everyone knows you are doing it. Does it really look that good? Wait, don't answer that, we all know it just looks like a selfie!

An old headshot or a "selfie" can date you and in reality, is not professional looking. You may think using an old photo makes you look younger, but the opposite is really true.

When you call me for a Headshot/Business Portrait or Professional Branding session, we will discuss your needs:

What do you want to accomplish with your headshot?

What overall look are you trying to project? Authoritative? Friendly? Approachable?

Is there a specific use for your headshot? Are you needing images for Social Media spots like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter? Or are you looking for something that can go into a marketing brochure or on a business card?

Depending on which package you choose, I'll be photographing you and directing you in a number of different poses to get the look you're after. I promise you will enjoy the experience!

Headshot / Comp Card Pricing

Below are packages to assist you in choosing what you need.


All retouched digital images are sized to 8x10, websized images are for social media and the internet. Whatever print image you choose will automatically be included in the count of your websized images.

The Actor: $399 - 90-minute session, unlimited  looks, five  retouched digital images for print, plus 12 websized images

The Professional:  $299 – 60-minute studio session, 2  retouched digital images for print plus 8 websized images

The Polished: $250 - 40-minute studio session, 1 retouched image for print & 5 websized images

Quick & Easy: $125 - 20 minute studio session, 1 retouched image for print & 2 websized images

Upgrade to on location for $175

Files are delivered electronically


$65 Additional Retouched Image Sized for Web (think Social Media)

$250 - 5- 8x10 Headshot Reproductions - (these are loose prints with no mounting, perfect when you need to show an Agent)  shipping not included

$125 - Professional Hair &  Makeup

Hair & Makeup is not included in the session fee. Most of the time men can get by without using makeup, however, sometimes a powder or foundation can help to even out skin tones and keep the face from looking shiny.  You can drop by any MAC counter in the mall and have someone match your skin tone with a powder. This will keep your face from looking wet and shiny-make sure to bring it with you.

In order to prepare for this type of photograph, we would like to suggest to have your haircut about two weeks in advance. While there,  make sure to have your barber/hair stylist also trim eyebrows and other facial hairs.

The two nights before your session, make sure to add moisturizer at night to keep your face hydrated and keeping you looking younger.  Make sure to hydrate.

Call now to schedule your appointment and we will email you a What to Expect Guide for your session. 

Call now: 619.208.1282 or Email now: justsaycheese@ownthemoments.com

I look forward to seeing you soon!

All photographic services and products will have sales tax added to the invoice.

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