Cindie Wolf - Cindie Wolf Photography

Hi! I'm Cindie Wolf and I'm a Portrait Artist-

I believe...

that you should have an image that captures who you are, looking your very best; an image that you love and will cause you to pause and remember... I know what beautiful looks like, I can see yours and I know how to capture it on camera. This image is for you. It's for your family. Someday this image will tell your story. 

My promise is...

to walk you through every step of your entire photo session. It's not your job to be 'photogenic' or 'good in front of a camera', that's my job. I want you to relax with me in front of the camera;  to connect with you and gently guide you through posing that flatters you and your body, regardless of your dress size or age. Together we will create the most the most beautiful photos you have ever seen, whether it's you by yourself, or you and your family or friends. 

I want to photograph you and show you the best, most amazing you. Portraits you will be proud of, that show your amazing personality; that you will love and lovingly pass on.

You are perfect as you are, right now, just as you are, and there has never been a more perfect time.

Choose to exist in portraits for yourself, for your children, your mother, your spouse, and you will see in those portraits exactly what they see every time they look at you! 

I love photographing...

women who are ready to be seen as they truly are - amazing, beautiful, filled with love and as the givers of life they are.

I love photographing you and your time with your babies; you and your children as they grow up and become teenagers;  I love photographing you and your family and documenting all the different milestones you all pass through in this amazing life. I think the most important part of your life is the relationships you have. These photographs and the art created from them will help you remember you, as you are now and all those precious, cherished relationships and these moments that pass by.

My Hope... 

is to make you catch your breath when you see your own image and understand, this is how those who love you most already see you.

My hope is to fill your home with beautiful art that happens to be of you and your family at all the wonderful stages in your life. Images that make you stop and smile when you walk by. Images to remind you of a moment; images that document your life, so when you look back you will see what your family saw all along. Images that no matter what type of day it is, you are reminded of all that messy, chaotic, busy, family life that is so wonderful and filling.  Images that are not just a record of people and relatives, but images that capture the unique personality and essence of you,  your family and the connection between each of you; showcasing the love that binds you all together.

I am..

a visual storyteller, visual historian and documentarian. I have the privilege and the joy to photograph the most beautiful women that ever walked the earth (YOU!) and capture the greatest love stories ever told - Yours!

And other stuff.. 

Continuing Education: I attend my industry annual conferences along with educational courses and professional mentoring throughout the year.  

2017-2018 Portrait Photographer of the Year, Professional Photographers of San Diego County

Member - Professional Photographers of America

Member -  Professional Photographers of San Diego County

UCSD -  Certificated Professional Photography

By the way: The image of me (top left) was taken after a session with the amazing Jerolyn Rox-hair & makeup artist extraordinaire! Oh-and that's my dog, Debo :)   #mydogismysoulmate

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